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stress is horrible for you and i can prove it [09 Dec 2010|12:41am]
[ mood | stressed ]

wow, i pretty much proved a hypothesis that i have been teetering back and forth on for a few months now. STRESS MAKES ME GAIN WEIGHT. it has -officially- been proven. i lost a SHIT load of weight this summer, and kept it off this entire quarter until the last 2 weeks. and why? because i started. stressing. :3 i really don't care because after tomorrow i'm done, but i just find the truth of the matter hilarious. i'm frustrated and angry that school does this to me.

i haven't gained hardly anything back, but the reality that stress is so freaking horrible for your body scares me. almost everyone i know stresses way too much. :\ i mean, stress is just as bad for you as not exercising or eating poorly. sigh. :[

americans aren't even required to take vacation days. france requires something like 30 days of paid vacation.

hence why i'd love to move to another country. among tons and tons of other legitimate reasons. i just don't like the "work yourself to the bone" attitude. and if you're poor, it's your fault of course. the bootstraps to pull yourself up by don't exist anymore. reality!

life is too short man. to quote the dude. the dude is wise. seriously. f that shiz. i can't stress about the small shit anymore. i was doing SO WELL until finals rolled around. but i can't start stressing about stressing, right? hahahaha XP

so, i toooootally made a peppermint cake tonight. using this recipe: http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/2010/06/my-goto-birthday-cake.html

i crushed candy canes to sprinkle all over it. IT WAS AMAZING. the addition of fresh brewed coffee to the mix was GENIUS!

gotta get some xmas cards in the mall and call financial aid tomorrow. also, final critique at 10:30. other than that, i'm good. nothing else to do.

i'm gonna go decompress now.

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[04 Dec 2010|01:41pm]

visited 22 states (44%)
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[04 Dec 2010|01:36pm]
I realize I say this every time I update, but time is going way too fast. I've been so incredibly busy, and every time I return here I'm a little more blown away that ____ amount of time has passed since my last entry. :|

I love this song:

Plus the whole story surrounding it. :)

Well, finals week is over. I took my last 2 tests, Meri Rose and I presented the LED cube (video later), and my plaster mold for bronze is currently firing in the kiln. We will pour our bronze on Monday, and then I just have to do finishing work on it :) Very excited about that.

I stayed up till 5 am with Meri Rose working on everyone's wax molds for plaster casting. We had to have them done by morning in order to fire them. I really do not like late nights at all, but it was worth it. I'm still recovering, though. It'll take me a few days to get back in my usual rhythm.

Meri Rose and I took Morton and Arrow to the dog park yesterday. They had SO much fun, they got so dirty we had to bathe them. d: Ah well, Morton is very clean & floofy now. And it was his first time going to a dog park. He did so well. :]

I cleaned the entire house yesterday aside from the kitchen. I was going to finish it but we decided to have a 2 parter Star Trek night. We watched TNG, specifically the 2 parter with Spock :) I had already seen it but I never mind watching TNG twice. We also had cider beer (from Washington!), pizza, cookie dough and Salsa Picante Tias. (If you haven't had Tias yet, seriously-do. http://www.kettlebrand.com/our_products/tias_/#/our_products/tias_/?pid=43 )

Yeah, we ate horrible food and watched TNG. PERFECT NIGHT to end this quarter. <3<3\

I just finished my Greek yogurt & blueberries so I'm off to get ready.
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[20 Nov 2010|07:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm over studying. sad, because i have 2 more tests this quarter. i'm still DOING it, i just don't want to be.

it snoooowed here, about 4 inches :D we put up the C9 christmas lights on the deck a few days ago, perrrrrfect timing. starbucks is having a promo thing where you buy one holiday drink and get the 2nd one free. so of course had to get a peppermint mochaaaa seriously. SO GOOD.

we also had sandwhiches at avenue bread. i had a grilled swiss & bacon with dill tomato soup. yes, it was as delicious as it sounds. adam had a provolone, pesto and lettuce sandwhich and the same soup. everyone decided it was a good idea to walk/drive around outside in the ice and freezing weather today (holiday bustle, amiright?) so bellingham was nuts.

i don't mind too much. i love winter, snow and hot drinks. plus vince gerauldi's soundtrack to a charlie brown christmas. plus hot baths, fires, blankets and scarves. i'm excited about the season. the sentimentality and warmness makes up for the freaked out early shoppers.

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[16 Nov 2010|10:44pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

aside from studying and the LED cube, not much has went down. we went to seattle on saturday and ate some macarons at le panier which were astounding (pistachio is the best flavor.) i made baked kale chips tonight:


i over-salted them though, so if you plan to make them.. don't salt them until AFTER they're done baking, for sure.

haven't been cooking at all aside from that. and if we do, it's mostly boring things. like chicken and rice etc etc.

wow, cannot wait for thanksgiving break. SERIOUSLY. this quarter was super relaxing until this week, and that means that i decided to become obsessive again. time to put an end to that dirty habit before it begins again!

i'm beginning a healthy cleanse tomorrow. no sugar, refined carbohydrates, caffeine, etc for 1 month. i did it in july and i felt great, so i'm going to do it agian. i'm starting to feel oddly icky lately (stress, school, eating badly etc) so i think this will help tremendously.

which means i need to go buy more whey protein powder.. that stuff saves my life, seriously.

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[07 Nov 2010|11:36pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

this LED cube is sapping all my energy. we made a slight mistake that we've basically already corrected, but seriously. the amount of energy its taking is odd. i posted more photos to my tumblr http://www.niconicorarara.tumblr.com

i made the smitten kitchen chicken meatballs for the third time tonight. adam's obsessed.

they really are amazing. the 2nd and 3rd time i skipped the pancetta. it was too heavy. i wanted the meatballs to be fairly healthy and the pancetta just added to much fat to the mix. i highly recommend the recipe, though.

aside from that, not much cooking lately. haven't felt inspired, or seen anything worth cooking.

i made this friday night (why do i get the feeling i already wrote about this?)
outstandingly simple.

thinking about making these, but i'm sweet-ed out.

also wanting to make a galette, due to a wonderful experience at the old firehouse in ballard. that restaurant is aaaaaaaaaaaamazing.

anywho i'm starving and overly frazzled from working all day. time to laze

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arduino led cube [07 Nov 2010|01:15am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

soooo, i'm making an LED cube using the arduino we bought. its a project for art & technology (an art history class that is AWESOME.)

this is exactly what i'm making, except mine is 5x5x5... so a wee bit smaller. i took photos while working on it, see them on my tumblr :)


we worked on it from 4:00 until midnight. we have all the layers of the cube complete, now. we just need to solder them together. i've improved significantly at soldering tonight. which is good, because i was terrible to begin with.

i'm super exhausted now, and we still have a ton to do tomorrow.

i also had an endoscopy yesterday (to check for ulcers and/or a hiatal hernia.) everything was normal, aside from the scarring i have due to acid reflux disease. i already figured i had it anyhow, so no surprises there.

they put me under for the procedure (this was actually my 2nd endo, my first was unsuccessful because sedating me wasn't enough.. i pulled the camera out of my throat) and i'm still pretty blah from the medication.

time to lay down, eyes shutting involuntarily

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[27 Oct 2010|11:16pm]
[ mood | content ]

weird, it feels like i wrote in this two days ago. try a week. yeesh, time flies.

i made this for adam's birthday tonight:


he looooved it. and i'd totally link that like someone from 2010 but i'm lazy.

been watching more star trek than is probably healthy lately. also not really doing much but art history reading homework and cleaning.

also lots of cooking, then eating.

wish i had something cooler to write, but i don't. i'm just trying to keep my goal to write in this thing more often. lj feels way dead, which i don't want to happen because i miss my intranet friends.


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[20 Oct 2010|11:45pm]
[ mood | good ]

watching the fantastic mr. fox for the bajillionth time. :) i made butternut squash tonight. to prepare, i just halved it and then rubbed butter, nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar all over it. i baked it at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour. the recipe only said 25 minutes, but it was nowhere near done by then.

our nice neighbor also gave us two acorn squashes from his parent's garden. he really is such a nice person. he brought us fresh baked cookies the other night, too.

i have an idea for tomorrow night, too. i'm going to make these: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/10/baked-chicken-meatballs/#more-5103

and then use a spaghetti squash for the spaghetti. yum.

i highly recommend smitten kitchen for any recipe needs. the archive is impressively large, and i'm never disappointed with the end product. in fact we usually eat the entire thing the same night :P

morton turned 3 on sunday. aside from getting numerous handouts, we walked to a local pet accessories shop in town (don't think petco, think boutique.. very nice) and picked up a dog yogurt for him. we didn't realize it when we bought it, but it was organic too! super snazzy! we also let him romp around in the field nearby. a black cat watched him from afar, but morton neeeever noticed. :) i love how calm and speculative cats are.

we've been enjoying one of the prettiest falls i've experienced. bellingham is totally making up for that so-so freezing summer we had. AND, because summer was so wet, there are delicious mushrooms everywhere. i don't know where to pick them, though. need to find a tip.

adam and i watch a lot of star trek these days. several episodes a night. i love it.

anywho, time to lay down. take care everyone :)

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[24 Sep 2010|09:37pm]
damnit. newegg INDEED cancelled another order for GOD KNOWS what reason. the newegg helpline blames our bank, the bank blames newegg. EUGH we'll order from amazon.

we bought Reach tonight. i'd enjoy it more if i didn't have the flu. @_@

i am thinking i will make an armadillo for my metals sculpture class. now i just have to hope i don't STINK at welding. :| giant metal armadillo, though? totally going to rock. who doesn't love armadillos? i'd also love to make a pangolin, because they're sortof like a cross between an armadillo and an Ankylosaurus, the most badass of all dinosaurs. aside from the iguanadon and the pterodactyl.

i really do feel like a sack of .. potatoes so i'm going to go :C
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secrets of the universe [24 Sep 2010|09:12pm]
why does newegg cancel our orders? obsessively?
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bellingham blues [26 Aug 2010|09:56am]
[ mood | awake ]

one more year of this bellingham shit, and we are home free to seattle. thank god. we're already looking at apartments. next december we are OUT of here. ASAP. then jobs, grad school, cupcake royale and our favorite bars & restaurants <3 next thursday... capitol hill art walk <3<3

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the uncontrollable urge to photo-chop & why it disturbs me more each day [20 Jul 2010|10:23pm]
"photoshopping" aka retouching aka butchering:

i'm getting REALLY fed up with this whole business. this society has gone from occasionally retouching a zit or some cellulite on a woman in a bikini to chopping off entire parts of clothed bodies.

completely and totally unnecessary. and now, the whole "ideal" body image has manifested itself in people like heidi montag. these people are basically photoshopping their bodies with plastic surgery to be pseudo-human sex machines. if you haven't seen the before/after photos, check them out:

the idea, i guess, is to look like you've been shopped constantly.

first of all, this freaks me out. anyone who has read any william gibson books, but especially neuromancer, knows how this PROBABLY will end up.

second of all, i highly doubt this has gone as far as it will. apparently lady gaga wants a huge number of surgeries. i have this nagging fear in the back of my head that people will become desensitized to THIS sort of transformation, and eventually.. william gibson's reality. i understand that most celebrities have plastic surgery, and some have more than 1 or 2 operations.. but this complete and total physical transformation is something totally different. it breaks a boundary.

check out this article on jezebel about one of crystal renn's most recent photo shoots. (to give a bit of background, crystal used to be a super thin model who admittedly had an eating disorder. she's now a "plus-sized" model, a size 10 at 5'9. healthy.)

A Slimmer Crystal Renn Is Not A Betrayal


An Analysis of Crystal Renn's Photoshop of Horrors

this is a violation of personal property at this point. one of crystal's goals currently is to BE a size 10, resist pressure and be a healthy role model for young women. she has repeatedly said that staying healthy and resisting peer pressure to be thin gives her self esteem. (wow, imagine that!)

if that is crystal's perogative, then she has to trust that when she DOES model, she is represented in the way she chooses. these retouched images do NOT convey that desire. at. all. she looks like every other half-dead zombie on a magazine cover---how is she going to live her dream when she literally can't determine what she is going to look like in the end result?

yeah, the people who are reading this are probably adults and can differentiate between reality and the land of photochop---but kids who are young NOW are going to see these images, day in and day out. i remember back in the 90s when magazine covers looked different. i can totally remember when people looked real.

*shudder* egghhhhh, i guess our culture is just shifting so rapidly... i'm skeptical of what people will look like in 50, even just 20 years..
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wow [10 Jul 2010|10:19pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

totally unsympathetic & sporadic cleaning spree. adam and i went through almost everything, including the deck storage closet. we threw away SO MUCH stuff. boxes, bins, crap crap crap. that was taking up too much room. lately, i've been so unsympathetic with material crap. if it isn't in my immediate view and/or i'm not using it (or haven't used it in a year or so), i want it gone. our apartment is tiny, so any space is precious. also, i just don't like carting things around with me that aren't of use anymore.

we're watching michael palin's around the world in 80 days. we just finished michael palin's pole to pole.

the weather has been hot, and appropriate for the season lately. JOY. it has been FOREVER waiting for this gorgeous weather.

anywho, i still feel rather compulsive, so i'm going to go find more to clean and then ask adam if we can go have a beer. ciao

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summer is here [07 Jul 2010|03:29pm]
picked up my trial contact lenses today, we'll see how that goes. today was hot/sunny, what bellingham needs. summer. now.

my first screenprinting critique went well. load off my mind, because the registration on most of my prints was off. the teacher explained that it was our first assignment and he didn't expect perfection. i'd still love to redo it, though. it won't take me too long.

i finished my second painting early, which gives me extra time to work on my third painting and work on my ikat more. i know for sure that i won't finish my ikat in time, but *shrug* oh well. i can't win them all. i really try, but i know my limits. i'm going to work on it 4 hours a day until the 12th and see where that lands me. i know i won't be done, but i'll still make progress. UGH 8 hours of class a day is tiring! physical work wears you out. painting isn't as bad, but on days where i screenprint and then ikat.. i get tired. who decided that 4 hour long studio classes were a good idea?!

i do plan to get some oblivion time in somewhere, an hour or so. we downloaded the shivering isles patch a week and a half ago and i've already beat the main plot. 9_9 haha.

i'm going into the studio at 6:30ish and working until 10:30/11:00ish, hopefully i make it to my second dye bath on my ikat. @_@

also, i'm making an effort to revive my twitter. it died, and i like twitter. i miss my fellow tweeters.

ok time for some sketching. need painting and screenprinting sketches.
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foods nao [07 Jul 2010|12:23am]
finally, our veggie pot pies are done. we don't have a microwave (true story: no microwave since december 2008!) so we have to cook everything slooooowly with the oven. everything tastes better, though. :]

tonight we watched deadliest catch after the catch IV and we cried. RIP phil, you are missed. i love that show.

we saw toy story 3, totally loved it! great movie.

haven't been playing oblivion much lately. too much homework, too little time. between working out, cooking and keeping the house in order, i just haven't found the time. i played for an hour today for the first time in 3-4 days. it was so good <3<3

ALSO, another thing that has been seriously difficult but surprisingly helpful: going to bed at or before midnight. we almost always stayed up until 2 am, no matter what time we had to get up. 6am, 9am.. whatever, we didn't go to sleep early enough. but lately i've been forcing myself to keep a decent sleep schedule. it REALLY helps, in almost every aspect. i'm less hungry, moody, tired... i can do more work and it seems like i can go longer without food more comfortably.

so between all THAT i really have no time to do anything, but thats alright.

anywho, time to fall asleep to life of mammals with david attenbourough in bed with adam.
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[28 Jun 2010|09:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i'm starting to realize i'm really, really exhausted. i shouldn't have done summer quarter. i'm burnt out. i try to remind myself that i have a little over a month long break after mid-august. summer quarter is insanely intense, but in the end i'm always happy i endured the work load.

adam has summer classes, too. we're both currently working on homework.

i have one more year of this left, and it would be better make it a pleasant year.

i downloaded the oblivion expansion shivering isles. i'm okaaaaay with it so far, its fairly cheesy. sortof a tim burton-esque add-on to a game that prided itself on realistic artwork, people/beasts, and tasteful design. the shivering isles are a sortof disneyland to oblivion, i guess. i prefer the original game's design by far, but hey--i've put over 200 hours into the game, so why not switch it up a bit?

currently researching artists for my next painting project. hmmm.. going to rent mean girls after this. i need to watch some movies.

anywho. finished my homework, so we're heading to blockbuster. netflix doesn't have the movie i want online, hmph

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i need a summer [26 Jun 2010|09:33am]
i totally want to play snoopy vs. the red baron. hmmmm

also, we are going to winthrop today with dallin and mom to shop around and go to lunch (and of course, the candy shop.)

the weather is sunny/hot, and i don't want to leave.
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[18 Jun 2010|11:38pm]
ugh (:X morton keeps letting the most rancid farts of all time *cough-hack*
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spring quarter: check! [09 Jun 2010|11:11pm]
spring quarter is officially over! and it wasn't bad. one of my better quarters, for sure. i definitely did quite a bit more relaxing, but i think i still pulled As. i also got my fitness and health in order, which took some time. i think winter really made me want to get off my butt and get in shape. i've been going to the gym consistently (4-5 times a week) almost the entire quarter, and i feel like going to the gym has become a habit/life style now. i also started weight lifting.. really low weights with high reps. and i'm taking whey protein, too. i don't look bigger, though... i actually look more toned/smaller. weight lifting doesn't necessarily mean bulk.

i've been buying bunches of peonies for the bedroom and o m g they smell amazing. one of the many perks of this time of year.

since finals week demanded all of our time, the house was a complete mess, morton was in need of a good brush, and laundry was piled up. i took care of that today. relief!

i'm on a mission to find a new perfume. we're going down to seattle on tuesday night (i have to pick up some cotton thread for my ikat project) and i'm going to find a perfume. i want something feminine, but not overly powdery or flowery... and especially nothing sugary. i don't like perfumes that smell like dessert. so hopefully i can find something i like, i'm very picky.
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