Nico (beyonddichotomy) wrote,

spring quarter: check!

spring quarter is officially over! and it wasn't bad. one of my better quarters, for sure. i definitely did quite a bit more relaxing, but i think i still pulled As. i also got my fitness and health in order, which took some time. i think winter really made me want to get off my butt and get in shape. i've been going to the gym consistently (4-5 times a week) almost the entire quarter, and i feel like going to the gym has become a habit/life style now. i also started weight lifting.. really low weights with high reps. and i'm taking whey protein, too. i don't look bigger, though... i actually look more toned/smaller. weight lifting doesn't necessarily mean bulk.

i've been buying bunches of peonies for the bedroom and o m g they smell amazing. one of the many perks of this time of year.

since finals week demanded all of our time, the house was a complete mess, morton was in need of a good brush, and laundry was piled up. i took care of that today. relief!

i'm on a mission to find a new perfume. we're going down to seattle on tuesday night (i have to pick up some cotton thread for my ikat project) and i'm going to find a perfume. i want something feminine, but not overly powdery or flowery... and especially nothing sugary. i don't like perfumes that smell like dessert. so hopefully i can find something i like, i'm very picky.
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