Nico (beyonddichotomy) wrote,

summer is here

picked up my trial contact lenses today, we'll see how that goes. today was hot/sunny, what bellingham needs. summer. now.

my first screenprinting critique went well. load off my mind, because the registration on most of my prints was off. the teacher explained that it was our first assignment and he didn't expect perfection. i'd still love to redo it, though. it won't take me too long.

i finished my second painting early, which gives me extra time to work on my third painting and work on my ikat more. i know for sure that i won't finish my ikat in time, but *shrug* oh well. i can't win them all. i really try, but i know my limits. i'm going to work on it 4 hours a day until the 12th and see where that lands me. i know i won't be done, but i'll still make progress. UGH 8 hours of class a day is tiring! physical work wears you out. painting isn't as bad, but on days where i screenprint and then ikat.. i get tired. who decided that 4 hour long studio classes were a good idea?!

i do plan to get some oblivion time in somewhere, an hour or so. we downloaded the shivering isles patch a week and a half ago and i've already beat the main plot. 9_9 haha.

i'm going into the studio at 6:30ish and working until 10:30/11:00ish, hopefully i make it to my second dye bath on my ikat. @_@

also, i'm making an effort to revive my twitter. it died, and i like twitter. i miss my fellow tweeters.

ok time for some sketching. need painting and screenprinting sketches.
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