Nico (beyonddichotomy) wrote,

the uncontrollable urge to photo-chop & why it disturbs me more each day

"photoshopping" aka retouching aka butchering:

i'm getting REALLY fed up with this whole business. this society has gone from occasionally retouching a zit or some cellulite on a woman in a bikini to chopping off entire parts of clothed bodies.

completely and totally unnecessary. and now, the whole "ideal" body image has manifested itself in people like heidi montag. these people are basically photoshopping their bodies with plastic surgery to be pseudo-human sex machines. if you haven't seen the before/after photos, check them out:

the idea, i guess, is to look like you've been shopped constantly.

first of all, this freaks me out. anyone who has read any william gibson books, but especially neuromancer, knows how this PROBABLY will end up.

second of all, i highly doubt this has gone as far as it will. apparently lady gaga wants a huge number of surgeries. i have this nagging fear in the back of my head that people will become desensitized to THIS sort of transformation, and eventually.. william gibson's reality. i understand that most celebrities have plastic surgery, and some have more than 1 or 2 operations.. but this complete and total physical transformation is something totally different. it breaks a boundary.

check out this article on jezebel about one of crystal renn's most recent photo shoots. (to give a bit of background, crystal used to be a super thin model who admittedly had an eating disorder. she's now a "plus-sized" model, a size 10 at 5'9. healthy.)

A Slimmer Crystal Renn Is Not A Betrayal


An Analysis of Crystal Renn's Photoshop of Horrors

this is a violation of personal property at this point. one of crystal's goals currently is to BE a size 10, resist pressure and be a healthy role model for young women. she has repeatedly said that staying healthy and resisting peer pressure to be thin gives her self esteem. (wow, imagine that!)

if that is crystal's perogative, then she has to trust that when she DOES model, she is represented in the way she chooses. these retouched images do NOT convey that desire. at. all. she looks like every other half-dead zombie on a magazine cover---how is she going to live her dream when she literally can't determine what she is going to look like in the end result?

yeah, the people who are reading this are probably adults and can differentiate between reality and the land of photochop---but kids who are young NOW are going to see these images, day in and day out. i remember back in the 90s when magazine covers looked different. i can totally remember when people looked real.

*shudder* egghhhhh, i guess our culture is just shifting so rapidly... i'm skeptical of what people will look like in 50, even just 20 years..
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