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arduino led cube

soooo, i'm making an LED cube using the arduino we bought. its a project for art & technology (an art history class that is AWESOME.)

this is exactly what i'm making, except mine is 5x5x5... so a wee bit smaller. i took photos while working on it, see them on my tumblr :)

we worked on it from 4:00 until midnight. we have all the layers of the cube complete, now. we just need to solder them together. i've improved significantly at soldering tonight. which is good, because i was terrible to begin with.

i'm super exhausted now, and we still have a ton to do tomorrow.

i also had an endoscopy yesterday (to check for ulcers and/or a hiatal hernia.) everything was normal, aside from the scarring i have due to acid reflux disease. i already figured i had it anyhow, so no surprises there.

they put me under for the procedure (this was actually my 2nd endo, my first was unsuccessful because sedating me wasn't enough.. i pulled the camera out of my throat) and i'm still pretty blah from the medication.

time to lay down, eyes shutting involuntarily
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