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stress is horrible for you and i can prove it

wow, i pretty much proved a hypothesis that i have been teetering back and forth on for a few months now. STRESS MAKES ME GAIN WEIGHT. it has -officially- been proven. i lost a SHIT load of weight this summer, and kept it off this entire quarter until the last 2 weeks. and why? because i started. stressing. :3 i really don't care because after tomorrow i'm done, but i just find the truth of the matter hilarious. i'm frustrated and angry that school does this to me.

i haven't gained hardly anything back, but the reality that stress is so freaking horrible for your body scares me. almost everyone i know stresses way too much. :\ i mean, stress is just as bad for you as not exercising or eating poorly. sigh. :[

americans aren't even required to take vacation days. france requires something like 30 days of paid vacation.

hence why i'd love to move to another country. among tons and tons of other legitimate reasons. i just don't like the "work yourself to the bone" attitude. and if you're poor, it's your fault of course. the bootstraps to pull yourself up by don't exist anymore. reality!

life is too short man. to quote the dude. the dude is wise. seriously. f that shiz. i can't stress about the small shit anymore. i was doing SO WELL until finals rolled around. but i can't start stressing about stressing, right? hahahaha XP

so, i toooootally made a peppermint cake tonight. using this recipe:

i crushed candy canes to sprinkle all over it. IT WAS AMAZING. the addition of fresh brewed coffee to the mix was GENIUS!

gotta get some xmas cards in the mall and call financial aid tomorrow. also, final critique at 10:30. other than that, i'm good. nothing else to do.

i'm gonna go decompress now.
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