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beyonddichotomy's Journal

1 January
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good vibes.
808 state, a guy called gerald, acid house, adam r cute, adam weston, adam's tattoos, animal crossing, aphex twin, arduino, artemis bridge simulator, babe the pig, bitter root, boards of canada, books, building camp fires, cannon beach, cast iron pans, chickens, chinese lanterns, christmas lights, chuu chuu, corgizilla, curious clocks, cycling, daffodils, depeche mode, documentaries, dr. who, drugs, drum & bass, drying spices, dying fabric, ebm, ecco the dolphin, eclectic coffee mugs, engels, ethics, fabrics, fingerless gloves, floor mattresses, fresh spices, frontline, golden yellow sunshine, halloween, hangin w. corgi, hearts of space, highway 101, homemade soup, idm, irish pubs, jalepenos, johnny cash, joseph campbell, joy division, karl marx, katamari, kozo, lentils, libertarianism, linux, logic, long coats, magic the gathering, malott, massive attack, mathematics, metaphysics, morton the corgi, mums, mushrooms, my doc martens, my herb garden, new order, new wave, npr, oblivion, ocean blues, ohgr, oil colors, old buttons, old fireplaces, old heirloom houses, oregon, organic gardening, owls, painted fire hydrants, paper star lanterns, patchwork, pbs, philosophy, pikes place, pink sunsets, plants, pom tea, ponds, programming, pumpkins, python, q lazzarus, quilts, radiohead, red wine, roots, running, russian, salt water taffy, scarves, school, sculpture, sea salt, sea shells, sesame street, shellfish, sherlock holmes, sifl and olly, skinny puppy, skyrim, small cozy restaraunts, snakey the snake, socialism, soldering, star trek, star trek next gen, tabasco, taco trucks, talking animals, talking heads, textiles, the elder scrolls, the sea, the snowman, the wizard of oz, theology, tonic soda, tony danza tapdance extravaganza, trentmoller, trignometry, ubuntu, uhf, underwater cities, vintage suitcases, viva pinata, vynil toys, walking the corgizilla, weaving, wool, worn in blankets, wow, zinnias