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foods nao

finally, our veggie pot pies are done. we don't have a microwave (true story: no microwave since december 2008!) so we have to cook everything slooooowly with the oven. everything tastes better, though. :]

tonight we watched deadliest catch after the catch IV and we cried. RIP phil, you are missed. i love that show.

we saw toy story 3, totally loved it! great movie.

haven't been playing oblivion much lately. too much homework, too little time. between working out, cooking and keeping the house in order, i just haven't found the time. i played for an hour today for the first time in 3-4 days. it was so good <3<3

ALSO, another thing that has been seriously difficult but surprisingly helpful: going to bed at or before midnight. we almost always stayed up until 2 am, no matter what time we had to get up. 6am, 9am.. whatever, we didn't go to sleep early enough. but lately i've been forcing myself to keep a decent sleep schedule. it REALLY helps, in almost every aspect. i'm less hungry, moody, tired... i can do more work and it seems like i can go longer without food more comfortably.

so between all THAT i really have no time to do anything, but thats alright.

anywho, time to fall asleep to life of mammals with david attenbourough in bed with adam.
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