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totally unsympathetic & sporadic cleaning spree. adam and i went through almost everything, including the deck storage closet. we threw away SO MUCH stuff. boxes, bins, crap crap crap. that was taking up too much room. lately, i've been so unsympathetic with material crap. if it isn't in my immediate view and/or i'm not using it (or haven't used it in a year or so), i want it gone. our apartment is tiny, so any space is precious. also, i just don't like carting things around with me that aren't of use anymore.

we're watching michael palin's around the world in 80 days. we just finished michael palin's pole to pole.

the weather has been hot, and appropriate for the season lately. JOY. it has been FOREVER waiting for this gorgeous weather.

anywho, i still feel rather compulsive, so i'm going to go find more to clean and then ask adam if we can go have a beer. ciao
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